“If they can’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.” - Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas

Our Space

Sand-tuary Garden

This is our ‘Sand-tuary Garden’, where the art of play meets the purpose and creativity that knows no bounds. Our sand pit is a haven for our growing champs mind and hands to explore, create and conquer. 

As you sink your toes into the golden sand, the little champs will discover a real of endless fun of castle building, secret tunnel digging or making sculptures. Discover it through a sandy sensory delight, with textured sand, shells and other treasures!

Edu-Igloo Haven

Brrr! Get ready to chill out at our coolest play area yet/in town – The Edu-Igloo Haven! Uniquely exclusive to our centre, we’re extremely excited to introduce a unique and immersive learning experience that sure to delight every child. This space is designed for immense interaction with its surroundings, allowing the child to explore and experience a variety of things. 

This area serves as a sensory area where each child gets to explore different aspects of sensory through their learning with colourful lights, and should they need a place to calm down, there’s no better place than this haven which provides their much needed calming zone. 

Nature's Study Nook

With each client’s program tailored to their needs, this focus-based space is where creativity meets problem-solving. You’ll see all sort of fun and interactive tools such as the visual aids, schedules and reinforcers to encourage our little champs to learn and grow. Of course, no therapy centre would be complete without a stash of favourite snacks, treats or fun toys! 

It’s not about treats, though they’re a big deal in our little champ’s world. It’s about passionately helping our clients develop new skills, build confidence, and overcoming each bottleneck at different stages of growth! There’s no better way to have our clients leave feeling accomplished and confident. 

Tiny Chef's Delight

In a world of make-believe, this whimsical place calls out to all budding culinary artists! Though, it is a miniature wonderland, it has been purposely designed to inspire the imaginations of young chefs, complete with every delightful detail to make their experience a magical one. Knifes, pans, fruits, poultry and more? ✅

Our sturdy wooden kitchen tops, refrigerators and other parts provide space for chopping, mixing, kneading for encouraging little hands to explore the joys of food making. These little hands can learn to coordinate with their eyes, manipulate tiny things while building finger strength, arm motor movements, social skills and so many more learning opportunities! A gateway to endless fun and creativity? Yes, please!!

Wildlife Oasis & Pawfect Care Clinic

Let your child’s inner superhero be unleashed at our paw-tastic Clinic, where play-based therapy meets pure fun! Your concerns of developing essential skills are addressed through this engaging oasis full of wildlife, paired with an amazing clinic setting for endless play styles! 

Through imaginative play with puppets, dolls or even action figures, we can develop key skills such as communication and social interactions. Beyond that, the child can also experience problem-solving and critical thinking situations while being engaged. Through this, emotional regulation can be improved with a greater sense of confidence. 

Dinoroar Adventure Playground

Behold, a place where sensory adventures come alive! We’re all about learning and growth. Naturally, we are going to do it while having a blast. As you step into our playground, you can’t help but be attracted to this warm orange playground with a slide, perfect to zoom down into a pile of colourful ball pit! Oh the excitement!

Take another swing and you’ll see the monkey bars leading to our intriguing and adorable dino climbing walls completely equipped with climbing holds where our champs can unleash all of their energy on, with supervision of course. Uniquely, there are soft touches all around the area, be it social skills, sensory integration, or physical development, our playground is akin to a soft warm bun – one that can catch your fall or strengthen you when consumed!

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